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Asled is the brother of Asved. Like his brother, he is human and of Arabic origin. He works as a waiter, though in a rough bar instead of a fancy restaurant.

One day while he was working, a variety of mentally unstable lifeforms were summoned to the bar by User MK. These included Abneris, Aster, Diru, D-Klak, Helryx, K'theenya, Kithlara, Klak, Osseron Tyrok and Rainn. Asled asked the group what they'd like to drink, and after some bickering, they decided on root beer.

Several years later, he was seen working at an ice cream stand on Malchior IV, where he met Quolas and TTT. They both bought ice cream from him before Quolas departed through a spacial tear, the vacuum of which knocked his stand over. He was later lifted up by Kranxx and crammed into the boot of Goldenn Flame's car, because they wished to assemble a team of joke characters to fight the Users. However, when they arrived at the spaceport they forgot about Asled, so he had to escape from the car boot himself before returning to his business.