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Asabana is Zev Raregroove's Spirit Ally. She is a kitsune avatar of powerful abilities, known for being a very knowledgeable companion and a capable spellcaster. Due to existing as a conscious spirit for over 2,000 years, Asabana long ago attained the class of Seirei.

The vast majority of Asabana's abilities are rooted in magical skills which have been cultivated over her long lifetime, as well as her own inherent supernatural qualities. Additionally, due to her nature as Zev's Spirit Ally, the use of a proper Medium allows her to reshape her form into that of different OverSouls so as to interact with the physical world.



Type: Avatar

Class: Seirei

Alignment: Neutral Evil (natural), Neutral Good (for Master's sake)

Medium: A Small Nine-Tailed Fox Idol, Sacred Rock Knife, Crowned Mirror

Unique Abilities: Killer Stone


Strength: D

Endurance: D

Agility: C

Magical Ability: A+

Independent Action: B

Loyalty: A++


Cheerful and optimistic, Asabana has a tendency to engage in friendly squabbles with Zev. All the same, they are incredibly close, with a view of each other as the best of friends; Asabana only refers to Zev as 'Master' out of a matter of her characteristic politeness, due to her position as his Spirit Ally. Neither takes this supposed relationship of master and servant too seriously. They make for a fashionable combination, as like her master, Asabana is caring and easy-going.

She is quite gregarious, and has a penchant for being a playful flirt. Asabana generally acts rather carefree and even goofy, and though her enjoyment of teasing others (even in battle) can easily become grating, she's quite intelligent and is a gentle, kind soul. Wise beyond her youthful appearance and fun-loving demeanor, Asabana is privy to the better part of Zev's experiences; compounding this with her own wealth in knowledge, she is a reliable - if fey and cryptic - source of advice.


A long lifetime ago, Asabana's original form (or at least, the first one to hold a form comparable to her) was a medium-ranking deity. She was known for being a white faced, golden furred fox kami of great magical power and charm. Asabana was formed from what is essentially one fragment of this kitsune goddess's essence, although she shows very few of the traits that have been attributed to the deity she is an avatar of. While both can be loosely said to be fickle and whimsical, where the kitsune goddess of lore had a clear vengeful streak that was not necessarily limited to those who had personally wronged her, Asabana is much more mild-mannered and peaceful than such disproportionate retribution would suggest of her forebearer. This is not to say, however, that none of her evil origins show through; from time to time, Asabana's Master must rein in her impulses. Due to the fearsome qualities of her "progenitor," Asabana restrains her abilities as a force of habit; it is implied that if she were to allow herself to return to her truest state as a monster, she would be orders of magnitudes more powerful.


According to Zev, there was once a beauteous fox goddess whom was wrongly accused of using her abilities to kill the local ruler of her area. This kitsune was ousted from her favorable position in the palace, and pursued relentlessly. Lying down to rest in a forest after fleeing constantly, she was found by a scout and stabbed in her sleep.

As her blood fell to the ground, it formed into a stone nearly thrice the size of a man's fist. Rising up, seemingly unaffected by the wound, the enraged kitsune declared that in penance for her treatment, the land once commanded by the deceased ruler would become unlivable due to her curse long after she departed.

Asabana, from a different lifetime. BZPB's players do not claim ownership of this artist's work, all rights reserved.

And indeed, it was so. From the remains of her blood - now called the "Killer Stone" - spread outward disease and pestilence, a curse-toxin which blighted the once fertile land for many years after the fox goddess mysteriously disappeared. Thankfully, an ascetic monk exorcised what he could of the stone's corrupting influence, and split it into three parts.

These portions were left in the care of three families, far apart, but united in virtue: the Glory-Raregroove Family, the Joestar Family, and the Hellsing Family. To this day, they dutifully protect these stones and the powerful, slumbering might of the betrayed kitsune held within.

It was the Raregroove Family who discovered that the Killer Stone Pieces each contained an avatar of that fox goddess, and they were the first to undergo the process of familiarizing with her. Currently, Zev uses the spirit of his family's piece (that being Asabana) as his Spirit Ally.

She first debuted properly in the RPG's plot during Zev's bout with Makoto Nanaya on the Space Station Atuar Sadiares. Ever since, she has become increasingly involved in Zev's life and battles.

Most recently, as Zev has agreed to train Shaern, Asabana has opted to lend them her help. When Malygos ascended, and began attempting to take over the universe, Zev, Asabana, Namah, and Shaern reunited with Vi and the Great Bebop Fleet.


Despite her main proficiency lying in the magical arts, Asabana has respectable agility and is highly mobile. When engaged in melee combat, she attacks with quick strikes (aided by the Crowned Mirror as a blunt weapon and shield) before nimbly evading counter-attacks. Additionally, Asabana and her master possess enough synergy in combat to form OverSouls, whilst Zev is capable of healing Asabana from non-mortal injuries and using spells like his Mantra to boost her combat abilities.

Pool of Knowledge: One of Asabana's most famous qualities is how her hidden depths of knowledge allow her to answer various questions (especially those regarding matters of the supernatural) with great speed and ease. When combined with Zev's own unique experiences and her own hungry reading habits, Asabana is a treasure trove of advice and information - provided one can understand her playfully cryptic answers.

Ofuda: Asabana uses various spells revolving around ofuda; a type of traditional Japanese paper talismans, used for such purposes as warding off evil spirits.

  • Radiant Seal: A glowing talisman that destroys evil spirits, like typical oni. However, this spell can only destroy the average, weaker evil spirit; Makoto Nanaya's initial Spirit Ally Yamakaji, a much more potent oni, was unaffected.
  • Splash Seal: A talisman with a pale blue glow that releases a burst of water when thrown.
  • Lightning Seal: A talisman that dissolves into motes of yellow light when thrown, summoning a bolt of lightning from the sky to strike the opponent. Multiple talismans can be thrown at once so as to call down multiple strikes, though it is unknown how this spell would work inside of a structure or underground.
  • Comet Seal: A talisman that burns with white flames when thrown, before igniting into a large fireball. Multiple talismans can be thrown at once, and each pale fireball explodes with violent force.
  • Three-Point Barrier: Uses three ofuda, which are thrown together before diverging their courses. They then form a powerful, triangular barrier of golden light between each other.

Divinity: Be it from lineage or their own inherent nature, the individual has a touch of godhood which benefits them in various respects. The more in-touch they become with the source of their Divinity, the more the holder can enhance their resistance to attacks, curses, mental intrusions; their own efficacy in combat; and any number of their own skills. Asabana can acquire a particularly potent level of Divinity, because she is one-third of a physical avatar of a true goddess. However, she personally restrains her own Divinity, because it ties her to a dangerous and capricious deity; should she master both the invocation and control of her Divinity, she would most certainly become a force to be reckoned with.

Killer Stone's Influence[edit]

From physical contact, Asabana is able to spread a small portion of the Killer Stone's blighted power. This means she can generate a crippling poison that causes excruciating pain, manifest as a scarlet energy creeping across a surface, i.e., the foe's skin. Based on statements by Wulf Orden, it seems that the power of the Killer Stone is rooted in a persistent curse, from which Asabana can draw on to imitate the qualities of corruption and pestilence that the original Killer Stone possessed. Though unconfirmed either way, it is unlikely that Asabana alone has the capacity to propagate the Killer Stone's toxic energies to the same disastrous scale as it first operated on.

Sakumotsu-no-Hōkai: (Japanese for "Crop Decay") Arms raised above her head, Asabana draws out a large portion of the Killer Stone's crimson-hued energies and focuses it around her hands. Then, throwing both hands toward the foe, a hissing surge is released that can steep a powerful spirit in paralyzing agony.


It has been said that Witchcraft - or at least, the brand of Witchcraft that Asabana employs - involves using the materials and energies solely within one's own body to cast spells, without dependence on outside sources. This is opposed to blood magic, as Asabana's Witchcraft is based on "economy" more than the "self-sacrifice" of the other magic. According to Garvantine, Asabana possesses a capacity for these techniques pre-dating the level common in the modern era by millenia; something which Asabana has confirmed.

Foxtail Belt: Extends several energy ribbons from the end of tail, binding the enemy. This technique can be combined with the power of the Killer Stone to toxify those captured.

Foxtail Soldiers: By piercing tendrils similar in appearance and origin to Foxtail Belts into the ground below her feet, then detaching them, Asabana forms "seeds" for up to twenty canine familiars; armed to the teeth, they have been referred to as inugami. This is peculiar, as normally, a shaman's Spirit Ally should not have the capacity to conjure up its own familiars under its inherent range of abilities.

However, based on the phrasing of the character that declared them to be familiars, it seems that Asabana uses Witchcraft to construct them out of her own spiritual matter and a portion of mana for each. If Asabana is to be held strictly to her word, then the original deity was able to create entire armies from her nine tails. However, whether or not her forebearer was indeed capable of such a feat, Asabana's soldiers have not shown much durability.

Suiten Taikan Kagami[edit]

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This artifact takes the form of a blue-rimmed, circular mirror, ringed partially by eight golden orbs; the mirror also bears twin crown-like ornaments at the top and bottom. Known as the Suiten Taikan Kagami (roughly: "Water-Heaven Crowned Mirror"), it has been said to be a piece of sacred regalia among sacred regalia. It is an honored relic of a lost craft, and it would be very difficult if not impossible to replicate by any modern means.

Long ago, there was an empire that flourished alongside that of Jurai; however, this lesser empire crumbled due to its abuse of magic. Their only artifact to survive was the Suiten Taikan Kagami, or "Crowned Mirror" as Zev Raregroove and Asabana call it for short, due to the fact that its skyborne shrine had been sent back to a small planet's inhospitable, primordial stages of genesis. Its farflung distance from the nearest star lead to its unreal mountainous peaks being coated in ice, despite the rest of the planet's fulminous, molten state. This time was replicated, isolated, and prevented from moving forward, to create a pocket time-loop where the mirror would be protected from anyone who would abuse its power. It was also protected by a nasty trap: a vampiric "blood cage" which only a proper wielder of the mirror's powers could open safely.

In regards to its capabilities, a truly phenomenal amount of mana has been stored within the Crowned Mirror. It has been stated that this energy is drawn on from the "Sacred Weight Stone," an artifact crafted by the High Magi of the Glory Family of Jurai. The Sacred Weight Stone is able to, according to Mistgun of the Conquistadores Guild led by Zev, draw on a small portion of energy from "Akasha itself" over time and concentrate it. Due to this connection, the Crowned Mirror can provide untold amounts of energy for its wielder to draw on.


O.S.: Gathering Heavens, Swirling Underworld[edit]

Type: Weapon

Medium: Sacred Rock Knife

Description: The rock knife becomes some kind of Japanese shortsword, with a katana's hilt and tsuba, colored dark crimson and gold respectively, two long, scarlet cords ended in golden rings on the pommel, and a single, longer, golden-colored tassel ended in a tuft of white fur.

Most noticeably, while the forearm-length blade greatly resembles Japanese make, instead of the single cutting edge of a katana, it possesses two edges. The OverSoul has shown that it boosts speed and jumping ability. It also seems to focus Zev's mind more wholly on the battle at hand.


San Dansu-no-Ha: Forms two to three clones of Zev, allowing attacks from multiple angles. With two clones, Zev can join in the attack; with three, however, he can distract the opponent in order to set up a surprise attack.

O.S.: Jengi[edit]

Type: Weapon

Medium: Sacred Rock Knife

Description: Zev's "evolved" OverSoul, after injecting more Furyoku and coming to a realization about his and Asabana's own strengths. Now consists of a full katana, with a dull gold tsuba and a red-orange hilt wrapping. Hanging from the end of the hilt is a half-again foot long, narrow chain ended in a golden fireball, and a golden cord at the bottom of the tsuba connects to a brass manacle on Zev's wrist. Meanwhile, several armored plates orbit him - A hexagonal plate behind his hand, two square, curved plates at his shoulders, and five circular plates positioned close to a meter away and around waist.

Unnamed OverSoul[edit]

Type: ???

Medium: Crowned Mirror

Description: By merging with the Suiten Taikan Kagami, Asabana was able to form a crude OverSoul that manifested as a pinkish-purple aura which obscured the artifact from view. Very little was seen of its capabilities, though even with literally no prior training, it was able to resonate with Zev and Asabana enough to easily break a vampiric seal of immense magnitude. Zev himself stated that, if he, Namah, Ryoko, and the spirits among them worked together to break said seal, only the Spirit of Earth would have enough reserves of energy to survive filling the blood cage's hunger enough to perform an exorcism; a futile feat in and of itself, as without Zev alive, there would be no one present capable of the actual ritual to exorcise such a thing. Even considering this statement, the Crowned Mirror OverSoul was fully capable of breaking the seal with no visible harm to Zev or Asabana. This seems to have been a very rough prototype of the OverSoul seen below, and most likely was replaced by it.

O.S.: Iroasenai Odayakana Hikari[edit]

Type: Spirit

Medium: Crowned Mirror

Description: (roughly meaning: "Unfading Tranquil Light" in Japanese) Simply gives Asabana a corporeal form, with the Crowned Mirror orbiting around her while rotating at a moderate speed. It can also be used as a focus for Asabana and Zev's energies, forming a barrier of immense defensive potential.


  • Asabana roughly means "Morning Flower".
  • Though her "Aptitude" stats are not sourced from the RPG's plot at the time of their addition, they are the intended canon of the player behind Asabana, and have been added to the page by said player.
  • According to Asabana, although she reached Seirei-Class power after serving the Glory-Raregroove Family for 2,400 years, the kitsune deity of whom she is an Avatar was ranked as a Kami-Class spirit; i.e., the highest echelon of power that a spirit can reach, short of being an actual god.
  • In the Conquistadores Guildhouse, Asabana normally keeps to a former classroom which she nudged Zev into re-decorating for her - With a small platform made by shoving desks together, an incense burner, etc., etc.