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formerly the Shadow Proclamation
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Artrix is a seemingly-immortal Void Knight who spent a significant portion of her life trying to bring Blackout to justice. She appears as a red-headed woman wearing some kind of armour.


When Artrix first appeared in the RPG, she worked for the Shadow Proclamation and commanded a ship called the Night Ruby. She engaged Zev Raregroove in battle on an unknown planet, and gave him a fake name, which Zev believed for all of two seconds. After spending a long time fighting him, she seemingly sacrificed herself to send a planet which was about to be destroyed to another dimension. She managed to pass on one final message to Zev: "You are not alone". The significance of this is unknown.

Artrix later somehow appeared again before and during the Battle of Judoon, and played a vital role in it, despite DYING EARLIER ON. She then appeared again on Bara Magna with a squad of soldiers and killed the Vrai commander Tryxas and his troops, and then had his cruiser shot down. Later, she tried to arrest Blackout, and got killed for her troubles. She returned and attacked Blackout again, only to be beaten and then forgotten about.

After the Pandorica was activated, Artrix reappeared and attacked Blackout with blasts of Void energy. One of these blasts actually hit Sasuken, so she apologized. Ynot then asked her who she was; she replied by sarcastically telling him that she was from "another epic event [he] missed out on". Blackout then tried to kill Artrix, but found that she was resistant to his attacks, so he had her imprisoned on Darkmount instead.

Several years later, Artrix reappeared atop a skyscraper on an unknown planet to confront a fellow former Shadow Proclamation agent: Sunstorm. She told Sunstorm that she wouldn't let him go back to Blackout, because the consequences of his actions have resulted in hundreds of deaths. When Sunstorm refused, she chased him into the planet's sewers and fought him using her powers. The battle seemingly ended when Sunstorm used his own powers to fill the tunnel with steam, providing enough cover for him to escape.

Artrix's current mission and whereabouts are unknown.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Void Energy - Like other Void Knights, Artrix had command over Void energy, and could use fire it in the form of destructive blasts.
  • Water Generation - When fighting Sunstorm, Artrix demonstrated the ability to create and launch balls of water.
  • Lightning Generation - When fighting Sunstorm, Artrix demonstrated the ability to create and launch lightning bolts.
  • Regeneration - Artrix has displayed the ability to rapidly heal from injury, as evidenced when her hand grew back after Blackout slashed it off.


  • When Artrix first appeared, Zev confused her with Lariska, a BIONICLE character.