Armor Fabrication Unit

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The Armor Fabrication Unit is a machine that was installed in the TrSBoM's foundry on Fareste.

Its purpose is to fabricate wearable armor for living antidermis (Makuta in gaseous form) to inhabit. However, it cannot create armor from scratch: sufficient pieces of solid antidermis must first be placed in the pod, which the machine then fuses into a wearable suit when activated.

It consists of:

  • A large engine embedded into the foundry wall which serves as its power source
  • A pod tall enough to house a standing Makuta
  • A control panel with options to change armor design, power settings, etc.

All three parts of the unit are linked together by power cables. Several Makuta have had armor created for them by this machine, most notably Caiaphus, Kulnak and Kivalon.