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Angeloid Gamma
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Angeloid Gamma was an Ambush Combat-Purpose Angeloid[1] who participated in the Battle of Conquistadores vs. Apprentices of Caiaphus.



Angeloid Gamma was described as having the body of a beautiful woman with straight, jaw-length, dark red hair, and exotic amber-colored eyes with slit, feline-looking pupils. She had small, fang-like teeth, cat ears that were covered in dark red fur, and large wings with dark red feathers. She wore a tight, sleeveless, high tech-looking black bodysuit that covered her torso and upper legs, with mechanical white armor over her lower legs. Both of her feet featured three large talons each: two at the front and one at the back of each foot.[2]


Angeloid Gamma was usually rather childish, and though her intelligence was incredibly high, her actual emotional processors were somewhat lacking, which resulted in her generally rather juvenile behavior. Also, she had a bit of a crush on Zev Raregroove due to him eliminating the rogue Angeloid Lambda, who used to pick on her and mistreat her badly before she was upgraded from an Entertainment-Purpose Angeloid to a Combat-Purpose Angeloid.[2]

Gamma had a tendency to talk in the third person: instead of saying "I won!", she said "We won!", and instead of saying "I am pleased to meet you", she said "We are pleased to meet you". Zev's thoughts on this were as follows: "Only pregnant ladies, royalty, schizophrenics, or people with tapeworms should be allowed to refer to themselves in the third person. And I'm the Unquestioned King of the Kill, so I'm allowed to say the following on this matter: We are not amused".

Gamma had a strange affection for watermelons, and when in the home of all Angeloids, Upper Yard, she could frequently be seen in the company of a fat hen which liked to sit in a well-behaved manner on top of her head. Gamma despised water due to her nature as an Angeloid (because almost all regular Angeloids had no ability to swim), and she disliked dogs due to the amount of feline DNA that was incorporated into her making in an attempt to increase her predatory instincts. Also, she could occasionally be a bit 'trigger-happy'... once she had summoned her Prometheus Rifle, it could be hard to force her to dismiss it again, and she tended to randomly point it at others while speaking, which could be very unsettling.[2]

In addition, Gamma seemed to have a slight cruel streak, as shown with her tendency to fire first and ask questions later. This was very problematic, considering that what she 'fired first' was her Prometheus Rifle.[2]


Angeloid Gamma was once an Entertainment-Purpose Angeloid who was constantly picked on and abused by Angeloid Lambda before she was upgraded to a Combat-Type and he went rogue. Gamma became highly attached to Zev Raregroove after Zev terminated Lambda.[2]

In 150,080 CMT, Angeloid Gamma, Ikaros, and Nymph assisted Zev and his allies in defending Malchior IV from Caiaphus in the Battle of Conquistadores vs. Apprentices of Caiaphus.[2]

When Gamma was asked for her opinion on Gazille Redfox, she replied: "He's... serious.. and he writes excellent songs... all I know, sorry!!".[3]

Combat Systems[edit]

  • Prometheus Rifle: When activated, this weapon appeared on Gamma's left forearm, taking the form of a heavy rifle with a high tech appearance, but a curiously low tech-looking lip around the end of the barrel that was typical of ancient firearms. The Prometheus Rifle's basic ammunition was a projectile consisting of superheated basic matter, at a heat of 3,000 degrees Celsius and travelling at a speed of 4 kilometers per second. Other modes include Quickfire, which reduced the heat to 1,500 degrees Celsius but upped the speed to 6 kilometers per second, and Mortar, which reduced the speed to 2 kilometers per second but increased the heat to 4,500 degrees Celsius.[2] Though the Prometheus Rifle was an incredibly powerful weapon, it was dwarfed in terms of raw power by Ikaros's Hephaestus cannon.[1]
  • Aegis Minor: An energy shield modified from the original Aegis. The defensive power was significantly less than the Aegis, but an important advantage of the Aegis Minor was that the user could still move while using it, unlike the original Aegis.[2]
  • Artemis: This attack launched a large volley of homing energy missiles out of Gamma's wings. Each missile had almost twice the power of a traditional tank cannon, but their disadvantage was that some of their homing systems did not always activate in time, which was why Gamma preferred to launch several missiles at once.[2]


  • A catgirl + an angel + a combat android? User:Zev commented that, though he didn't come up with the original character, he was forever indebted to the one who did.[2]
  • Though most of the Angeloids who appeared in BZPB were directly lifted from the manga/anime series Heaven's Lost Property, Angeloid Gamma has no direct counterpart in the series. However, the Gamma designation belongs to two characters called the Harpies.


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