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Amphron is the village of the Lightning Agori on Bara Magna.


Amphron is a small little village that sprang up in the sands of Bara Magna a couple of months ago. The village is very poor and has only a hand full of Agori. Only recently did Amphron receive a champion in the form of the rogue Vrai, Xeno. During the Battle for Bara Magna, Blackout had it destroyed with a neutron bomb, but Amphron was later recreated thanks to Yon and the Architect.


Amphron is located at the southern most tip of Bara Magna. It has no resources, or Arena to fight for them.


The Agori of the Electric Tribe reside in Amphron. Here Agori are forced to trade or find virtually everything. Ulysses used to live here.

Ampron's only Champion is Xeno.