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Altero was a sworn knight of the Republic of Luria, though one who was strongly dissatisfied with the then-present administration as overseen by Gabriel Ascheron. As such, he rebelled against the Republic, with his mission being to defeat Ascheron and instill a new government which he feels will better represent the true desires of the people. He was a wanted outlaw throughout the Republic, and had incredibly high bounties posted on him in allied systems.

He was killed by Lucrezia Sephirah, in revenge for Assassins Sans Frontieres's killing of Kar Ta'varak of the Neo Ta'har.


Altero was rash, hotheaded, and prone to acting before thinking. However, he had a strong sense of honor, which led him into conflict with Ascheron, who was technically his leader. Altero believed that he has a responsibility as a knight of the Republic to defeat Ascheron, who he perceived as being the greatest threat to Luria. Altero was more than willing to lay down his life for this cause. Whilst not very knowledgeable about areas outside of his field of expertise, he had great intelligence and common sense, which allowed him to adapt to new situations.

Altero was extremely skilled with the Katana, being known as "The Lightning Hand" throughout the Republic for having the fastest draw ever recorded. He was also skilled in espionage, vehicle usage and maintenance, and firearms - with his firearm of choice being an antiquated Walther P99.


Prelude To Conflict: Ascheron's Script[edit]

Altero had already heard about Ascheron's plan to create a new Lurian super-race, by virtue of him having parliamentary privilege as a state official. Altero immediately rejected the idea, believing them to be a direct contradiction of the founding ideals of the Republic, and attempted to gather fellow knights to remove Ascheron from his position and instate a de facto government until a new leader could be decided. One knight is believed to have joined him, and was struck down when they went to confront Ascheron. Altero managed to escape, but found he was a wanted man throughout the Republic.

The Conflict Begins: Original Sin[edit]

When Ascheron entered the Garden of Eden to retrieve the Fruit of Knowledge, he found Altero ready and waiting for him. It is currently unknown how Altero got there before him (or even got there at all). Altero confronted Ascheron, before attempting to defeat him after Ascheron showed no sign of backing down. However, Ascheron managed to escape with the Fruit.

The Sha'lythe Sect[edit]

Altero somehow arrived back on the Lurian homeworld of Kazan in the time it took Ascheron to teleport back aboard his ship and be confronted by monks of the Sha'lythe Sect. The fight was being broadcast to the entire Republic, and Altero was determined to intervene in the fight before Ascheron ended up destroying the Republic, as the monks had threatened. Altero entered the Ministry of Truth, which was responsible for controlling the media throughout the Republic. He asked a high-ranking official, with whom he was previously acquainted, for the location the broadcast was coming from (the location of the Assault Shadow). He managed to gather this information before two Ministry of Silence officials burst in and attacked. Altero defeated them, but had to jump out of the window to escape, using a wrist-mounted device to teleport away before impacting the ground.

Altero claimed to have a ship that could journey to the Assault Shadow quickly enough that he could intervene before the fight ended. This is most likely how he returned from Guf to Kazan in such speed.


Fleeing the Republic after Ascheron's "Sieg Luria" speech, Altero arrived at Malchior IV, joining forces with Assassins Sans Frontieres in exchange for info about Sefer Yetzirah, who he believed to have corrupted Ascheron. However, he was assassinated by Lucrezia Sephirah in revenge for Vance Vangelis's killing of Ta'varak, Kar of the Neo Ta'har empire, with whom Sefer had hoped to establish an alliance. His car was deliberately thrown in the air in a side collision, and his fuel tank was shot out with an anti-materiel rifle, causing the vehicle to explode, killing him instantly.

Immediately before his death, he managed to uncover the fact that a vast number of corporations linked to the Republic were, in fact, fronts for the Shinsengumi.


  • Altero is considered by User:FullFrontal to be one of his worst characters ever made, due to him being completely generic, boring, stagnant and unremarkable.