Alex Combes (OU)

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Alex Combes
Formal Name
Alexander Combes
United Shetland Islands, Earth
Jack, Ben, aaaaand Ollie!
Home Reality

Alex Combes is a human from the Shetland Islands who formed the Blackout Destruction Society. He survived the misguided assassination attempt, but was arrested and taken to Supermax 282.


Early Life[edit]

Alex grew up on the Shetland Islands near the estate owned by Jasper Silverwood. He graduated med school with Ollie and became a paramedic. He would frequently cycle by Jasper's castle and chat with the guards during their lunch break on his way to work. Unfortunately, this chattiness, combined with a project he was working on at home, eventually caused him to lose his job for showing up for work too late one too many times. When Jasper's guards heard that Alex had lost his job, they told him to apply for one there, since Jasper was looking for someone who was qualified to administer first aid on the estate. When Jasper asked Alex what caused him to lose his job, Alex told him that he was torn between showing up for work and training for a mission to take down the universe's greatest villain with a select team of martial arts specialists. Alex said that, since most of the planning was already complete, he was now ready to devote his time towards a new job. Jasper hired him on the spot, and they worked together for three years. Alex was a "willing subject" for some of Jasper's secret experiments.

Amateur Heroics[edit]

At some point during the three years spent in Jasper's service, Alex got engaged to Jasper's niece, Emily Silverwood. However, she called off the wedding for an unknown reason, something that Alex "wasn't exactly happy" about. He left Jasper's service immediately without warning to move out with his team to finally fight Blackout. He teleported onto Ricochet's ship with Ollie, Jack and Ben, but found that he had totally underestimated Blackout's power. Alex was powerless to save his friends as they were killed by the tyrant in various gruesome ways. He himself had a spear thrown through his chest, but he survived long enough to perform CPR on a nearby Happy Person and escape.

Crime and Punishment[edit]

Several years later, Alex was found by Seran Dol-Abi in Supermax 282. Seran invited him to join in their escape attempt, but Alex declined, telling him that he just wanted to serve his sentence in peace.

15 years after Seran encountered him in Supermax 282, Alex reappeared in Task City, where he was reunited with Jasper Silverwood for the first time since he left to fight Blackout. Alex solemnly informed Jasper of the fate of the BDS, and Jasper gave him his condolences and a card with his contact details in case Alex ever wanted to work with him again. While investigating a string of bank robberies with the detectives of Sulrai Private Eye, Jasper realized that one of the robbers was actually Alex. Alex disappeared after that and hasn't been seen since.

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