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This article is about a ghoul who impersonated a Rhadanian of the same name on Oquro. For other characters named Alex, see Alex (disambiguation).

"Alex" was a ghoul who impersonated a Rhadanian of the same name in an attempt to fool an expedition on Oquro.


Though this ghoul was in the advanced stages of the ghoul disease, he retained some form of sentience and used his wits in combination with his shapeshifting ability to disguise himself as Alex, a Rhadanian who the Kraken had previously encountered. In the form of Alex, the ghoul appeared as a brown-skinned man with a beard and short hair who wore a baggy white t-shirt and special pants that seemed to protect him from fungal infections. However, his pants, like the rest of his form, were merely an illusion and did not actually exist.[1]


In 150,084 CMT, this ghoul shapeshifted into the form of a former apprentice of Sinjon Wol named Alex in an attempt to trick a group of uninfected beings in a sewer system on Oquro. "Alex" appeared in front of the group, which consisted of Brendan Fraser, the Kraken, Crikey Shqwertiyul, and Tayne, at the same time as the uninfected tourist Too R. Isst, causing the group to suspect either "Alex" or Too R. Isst of being a ghoul in disguise. "Alex" claimed that the group could trust him,[1] but the dilemma was too much for Brendan Fraser, who decided to end the debate by channelling his JUST into "Alex" to see if it would reveal him as a ghoul.[2] Fraser's JUST overwhelmed "Alex" and caused the ghoul to expel diarrhoea over the sewer wall and disintegrate.[3]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Shapeshifting: Even when infected with the ghoul disease, "Alex" could shapeshift to resemble uninfected beings such as Alex. It is unknown if "Alex" chose Alex's form because he had previously met him himself, or because Alex was already familiar to the Kraken.[1]