Aeturnus's army

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A typical squadron each of 56 men.

A brief history[edit]

This human army's origins are from the last battle against the Daedra, in which Praepositus was an officer/commander. The battle was a crushing defeat and the small number of survivors fled the battle.

Groups of survivors kept joining together before a large group of survivors, about sixty, were able to start rebuilding a society. These people found that they couldn't compete with the Daedra and so set about scavenging technology from anyone who happened to pass.

Even this had its hazards and many of the survivors started to get killed. A military leader was elected, Aeturnus, a commander who too served in the last battle. He armed his men with high quality weaponry and standardized his army.

Militarily the community began to thrive, although each loss from so few men is heavily damaging. A cloning project was set up.

More technology finds kept the humans alive. The skill of basic Daedra craftsmanship became vital in the manufacture of their bayonets. A ship was found, broken but no beyond repair, and it seemed that war could perhaps restart against the Daedra if only the cloning project would work.

At this point, the whole of Oblivion collapsed and the army was transported to the site of Darkmount. Fortunately for them, they passed undetected. A more permanent base was set up and the cloning machines began to work.

Other information[edit]

The troops in the army had, for the sake of the community, tracked every commander ever to serve with them. The only two surviving commanders tracked and Praepositus and Aeturnus.

Each man is equipped with a gun, a Daedra style bayonet, a Greek shield, a steel helmet and a standard grey uniform. The new system of warfare is far greater than even the formidable phalanx. Aeturnus' army is almost undefeatable on the field or anywhere with ample space to manoeuvre.

Army layout[edit]

The army layout is a far more simple than real armies to avoid any confusion during the RPG, the ranks read as follows: One Lieutenant for every 56 privates, one Major for every 4 lieutenants, one colonel for every 6 Majors and a Field Marshal. 1356 men in total. The Field Marshal for the 1st army is Aeturnus. (Sergeants and corporals have been listed as privates. The other ranks of officers do not run in the main army and are instead intelligence officers.)