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Aeon, formerly known as the Planet of Beasts, was originally introduced in 50,000 Years Afloat. It has been revisited and renamed in the New World Order (Arc).


The inhabitants of Aeon are bestial in nature, of varying species, intellect, and ability.

Notable Inhabitants[edit]

Persons of note among the inhabitants include:

  • Gazelle, the deceased former king of the planet
  • Cervadine, the deceased son of Gazelle
  • Scourge, the deceased former dictator of the region in which Ynot visited
  • Herald, current reigning king of Aeon.


Aeon is a mostly jungle planet, with a few places of note, including

  • The City of Chrome
  • A large waterfall
  • Large crevice splitting the City of Chrome in twain.


  • This planet, like most of Ynot's creations was named by contest, winner being User:Heat.
  • The City of Chrome was built in a day.