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Advanced Dal
Robotic tentacles that can fire energy blasts
Shattered Mirror invasion forces
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Advanced Dal (SMU), aka SMADVD, was the version of Advanced Dal from the Shattered Mirror Universe. It was taller and bulkier than its counterpart, with many tendrils with weapons attached to them.


SM Advanced Dal was summoned by SM Trantoshen on Omega Supreme to help him and SM Kakamu fight off its robotic guardians. SMADVD was teleported with SMT to Quick Billy's location. Upon seeing the two, Billy formed an energy shield to protect himself, which SMADVD tunnelled under with ease. Before it could finish off the pirate, SMT teleported them both to the Makuta Anima instead to fight. SMADVD grabbed Asumaru with its tendrils and hit him with laser beams. They then teleported away again, to fight the OU's versions of Muta and Trantoshen. Muta telekinetically threw it into a chair, which must have been blasted into deep space, because SMADVD hasn't been seen again.