Advanced Dal (OU)

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dals first form(grrr)

Advanced Dal was a robot built from DAL technology by an unknown individual. He resembled a walking calculator, with arms and legs.

He was first seen attempting to initiate a fight with Genetoes, but was quickly OWNED by Eclipse.

He had the ability to create replicas of himself (Tan and Log) and repair himself.

He also had two more error abilities, but he was destroyed before he could use them the first time.

Much, much later, he reappeared on Malchior IV and fought with Vorahk-Kah. Neither of them won because they were both crippled by an explosion during the fight.

Afterwards, John Shepard found his remains and modified them to suit his needs. He took the Advanced DAL technology, repaired it, and built it into Side 8.

At the Battle of Side 8, it was revealed what DAL stands for: Delete. All. Life.



"Error 1. Initiating auto repair." -AVD when damaged.