Abneris (SMU)

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Abneris (SMU) is the Shattered Mirror Universe version of Abneris. He is a pirate who wears a cowboy hat, silver night-vision goggles with green lenses, and a brown longcoat with the collar turned up to mask the rest of his face. He talks in a rather silly accent.


Abneris used to work for someone called 'Ol' Kay'. After Ol' Kay got himself killed, Abneris decided that there was nothing left for him in the SMU, and stole a wristband that allowed him to teleport to the Original Universe, but at the cost of all its energy. He arrived during the battle between Barricade and Serecio, and watched it. After they were both gone, Abneris tried to teleport away, but failed. He was forced to spend a month on the planet until he found a power cell for the wristband, and arrived at a spaceport, where he was recruited by Amareta and the Argenta Guild. He was then ordered to look around for new recruits. He found Alberto, Wilder, and Hydra, and they joined him.

Abneris then forced his new recruits into black Stormtrooper costumes, and went to the Mos Eisley Cantina, where he paid DT-81 to watch Treveya (SMU), Keichi, Quick Billy and Treskis. He then told Treveya his story, and asked her to join him. A bar brawl then began thanks to Alberto "defending" him from a random guy. Treveya took Abneris outside and said she'd contact him after she was done with Keichi. Abneris then walked away, apparently satisfied with the answer.