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The Abbot is the leader of the Observers.


The Abbot is described as being a tall man clad in brown robes. He has hair, unlike the Observers under his command.[1]


On the Observers' station in Chronospace, the Abbot approached September and Praepositus mere moments after the former had extracted the latter from what would have been the moment of his death. The Abbot then dismissed September so that he could talk to Praepositus alone. The Abbot confirmed Praepositus's assumption that he was the leader of the Observers and proceeded to show the former soldier a vision of a devastated city on Malchior IV in the far future. The Abbot continued by explaining the concept of Chronospace to Praepositus and described the Observers as "men of God" who knew what could and could not be done to the flow of time. Praepositus pointed out that the Observers had meddled with time by rescuing him, to which the Abbot replied that it was necessary to save Praepositus in order to prevent Malchior IV, the Observers' ancestral home, from being destroyed by F-Klak.[1]

The Abbot clarified that Praepositus's new purpose would be to do whatever it took to assemble an army capable of stopping F-Klak, and that Praepositus would remember this upon his arrival in the future, but added that Praepositus would not remember their conversation because the Observers' manipulation of events must remain a secret. Before Praepositus could respond, he was sucked into a portal[2] that took him to 253,074 CMT.[3]