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Production Information
Integrated Design Bureau
Weapon Type
Assault Rifle
Technical Specifications
5.56mm EXALT (Caseless)
Rate of Fire
750 Rounds/min (Auto)
~150 Rounds/min (Semi-Auto)
Muzzle Velocity
    375 m/s (Min)
    2,575 m/s (Max)
    400 m (Min velocity)
    1,500 m (Max velocity)
Feed System
60-round detachable box magazine
Status Information
Known Universes

The AE86 assault rifle is the current service rifle of the Takemikazuchi Empire. Developed in 17 BR to replace the aging AE74 rifle, the AE86 represents the state of the art in Takemikazuchi weapons technology; it is an electrically-operated, hyperaccurate railgun firing caseless ammunition of an intermediary caliber. The AE86 is well liked by its users for its high power and accuracy, as well as its ease of use. With quantities produced numbering in the billions, it is the most widely produced weapon in the entire Empire.


The AE86 uses an electromagnetic current to accelerate rounds to supersonic velocities; the exact velocity depends on which option the secondary fire select is set to. At the highest velocity of 2,575 m/s, the rifle is locked to a time-delayed semi-automatic mode, and the rifle becomes a deadly long-range weapon suited to sniping or anti-armor roles. At the lowest velocity of 375 m/s it experiences very little recoil; this mode was added at the request of military police and counter-terrorism units as a way of countering the AE86's tendency to over-penetrate, which would otherwise render it unsuitable for hostage rescue and urban combat operations. The standard velocity is 1,375 m/s, which represents roughly a 35% increase in stopping power over modern day assault rifles.

The rifle can fire in either semi-automatic or fully automatic fire modes.

Known Users[edit]


  • Out of universe, the AE86's appearance is based on Juggernaut's Rogue chassis for the M14 rifle. It also draws design elements from the FAMAS, FN F2000 and G36KV rifles.