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"Tell me... what do you remember?"
Most, if not all of, the posts in which the subject of this article appeared were lost in the Great Dataclysm or subsequent archive deletions.
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153 was the result of one of Liquid Ocelot's many genetic experiments. He served his creator loyally for many years, eventually becoming a trusted lieutenant. When Liquid Ocelot was arrested and imprisoned in Impel Down, 153 rose to the top of the organisation, and continued Ocelot's experiments, eventually coming up with a means of cloning himself. He placed his clones in charge of myriad bases throughout the galaxy, and hid away to avoid capture.

One of the clones was tracked down by Zev Raregroove and Artrix, who mistook him for the real 153. They defeated his soldiers and cornered him, only for him to reveal his status as a clone. He then triggered a bomb buried near the core of the planet, causing it to begin breaking apart. The Carbuncle was destroyed, but Zev and Artrix were saved by Blackout's sudden arrival.

Over 50 thousand years later, and much to his chagrin, 153 found himself on Kråvenhold and met a gryphon called François. We do not yet know what brought him there.